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How to See Growth on Instagram in 3 Steps

Instagram is one of, if not THE, best social media platform to be on. Instagram is a great platform to share content and stay in touch with your contacts. The problem with Instagram is it is much harder to grow now than it used to be. Their algorithm is always changing and now adding 30 hashtags to your post about your your cup of coffee doesn't get the same engagement like it used to. Luckily, there are 3 easy tips you can implement right now in order to start seeing growth on Instagram.

1. Posting Reels

Reels are Instagram's version of TikTok and in order to compete with TikTok, instagram is showing non-followers your reels far more than photos. Instagram does not want to be known as a photo sharing app anymore and will continue to focus their attention on video. There are tons of different ways to use Reels to your advantage. Start by looking at what other successful realtors are posting for their Reels and use that to inspire you.

2. Post Consistently

Think about when you were a kid and would watch your favorite tv show every Saturday morning. Would you still watch that show if it would come on tv one Saturday morning, then take a three week break, then release two episodes in one day... then take another break? NO! Because you don't know what or when to expect from them and they're unreliable. When you get in the habit of posting every other day, or everyday, or twice a day, stick to it! The right followers will continue to follow you and engage more, new followers that are right for your business will come, and it adds to your brand image of the reliable and consistent professional that you are.

3. Engage with Others

Have you ever been in a friendship where you are always the one making plans to hang out with your friends but they never do the same? Don't be that friend - engage with your followers! When they comment under your posts, give a meaningful response back, don't just like their comment. Comment on other peoples' posts with genuine interest and without trying to sell yourself or be too cliche.

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